standing my friend

closehead – Berdiri teman

Kering kerontang jalan yang terbentang
teka-teki hidup apalagi ini.
it life is never flat, is not an easy life, street life is not straight and full of twists vagaries,sometimes have to climb and sometimes have to slide further down. All that about life. Life is so hard when the thought of living is very hard after seeing the wide range of problemsthat exist, but life would be beautiful if we begin to live it, life will begin to color and thepeace after we solve the problems that exist, life would be peaceful if we alreadyaccustomed to facing obstacles and challenges that make curious.

life is full of puzzles. Many of the pitfalls that will take us to a different path than what we want to go. missed a lot of things from what we dreamed of before, because when we think that tomorrow will be the same as what we think today, then tomorrow is not necessarily deliver what we imagine today. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, full of secrets, whether we’re going to fly with all the dreams that we hold, or whether we willfall on hit by a variety of dreams that are too big so we are not able to carry it. But that’stomorrow, while we live in today, today is the fact, while tomorrow is something imaginarydoes not have a concrete manifestation. So what do we want to do now, try now because tomorrow we will reap the rewards, do not wait for tomorrow.

jangan kau jadikan satu kenangan
yang memilukan berdiri teman
jalan begitu panjang terbentang
jangan kau lewatkan tanpa harapan


memories is a past that can only be remembered, we can not return to the past to change it, the past will be history, and lessons for the future. Do not always regret what we have made yesterday, because it has passed and let it pass, which is important now try and determine finally. Why do we fall? We fell that we learn how to stand to our feet, and flewaway to the top. In order for us to feel how it feels to fall and did not want to repeat it, so that we can learn how we can fall, why we can fall, and repair it all and try to find a new way,so we are not falling anymore.
and the road is still long, the road is still far ahead, the road has not ended and will not end if you still have hopes and dreams.
because a person is worthy to die when they already do not have hopes and ideals.
hope will make us a destination where we will go where the path we’ve been through willend up with happiness.
keep the spirit clasp your hopes and dreams you never disconnect it from your grasp!


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