i just love you

Japanese movie called kada kimi wo aishiteru but has the title of heavenly forest is a love-themed movie that has touched me, this film tells of the struggle in general one to get the love of his life, although they had to hide his severe illness, but the person she loves is never aware, never felt his presence, and when he realized there are really people who loved him sincerely, but it’s too late people who loved him was gone forever.

This film takes place in the campus environment, where they met for the first time in the event welcoming new students, they have the same nature is introverted person. Who broke away from the social environment for a reason, namely because of illness. They do not want to bother anyone else, they better themselves and solve their own problems.
I just like my own way more often than on the street in groups, I prefer silent than talk about lies, I prefer to distance themselves from groups that do not know where they will bring the bow it. I prefer to solve my own problems rather than ask for help with other people, because the silence of this solitude I see my own way, I feel calmer and more peaceful, though often I’m stuck inside this lonely.

and in this movie are the words that have meaning for me in the “I love people who love others”. That line is perfect for me, I really love someone but that person does not ever feel it, just me having this love, he always saw far in the wrong direction, he never looked around that there are people who truly loved her , she loves someone else, even though she knows the person is new, and I’m just biased undemonstrative this because I’m not pushy, let it pass, the road that has defined and I just follow the current bias, but any time I will try to fight the current.

and in films for the sake of the person she loves, she began to like what is preferred by the person she loves, she entered the world of photography, and the focus in this field, so he has more motivation to learn and eventually he became a professional photographer and great. Indeed, the power of love is extraordinary, when we wait for someone we love dressing up an hour feels a minute. For the sake of our loved ones we are willing to do anything. Same with me, one of the strengths that I can go to college here because of him, he wanted to go to Bandung, and later college in order to be close to me die the death of learning, and in my mind, I had to lecture in Bandung and finally I got here, but he left behind, I was too far beyond it, he left behind, and could not catch what he wants.

and the message of this film that I can catch is, respect those who love us, though we never loved, never made him disappointed, because a little smile for him is very meaningful for him, and still provide the best for our loved ones should never let him down, give them the best though not the best.

(essay film heavenly forest)


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