essay about “the dreamer” (film and song)


Sang Pemimpi is a film that is very inspiring for me, this film tells about the way someone who was running, trying to pursue what is in the dream. With less favorable conditions, a makeshift facility, and a burning passion. And also told him about friendship and love.

fighting harshness of life and away from parents is a feeling that has a different feel. Just like my current situation, facing its own problems, solve them alone. In the film curls go to school to the city, and far from his home. He went away from home to achieve a higher dream, with out of ordinary life we can feel something different, something we have not got, so it can learn something new.
No matter how hard obstacles that will block, how much we fall, get up, try again, try to continue until we get what we want. I’ve heard the word “people fail are those who give up when going to work” and “success is when we wake of” so there’s no turning back to achieve what we want.

in this film also tells about the friendship in which they complement each other, complement each other, so it looks perfect. A friend will laugh when you’re sad, because they will not let you be sad too long, they will invite you to laugh together, enjoy the beauty of the world, to do mischief, ignorance to get a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, that friend.

film if there is no love story it will taste bland, in this film I learned that true love is true. Faithful, it is a component that must exist in a true love. And I know that the saddest love story, not when we are rejected by someone, not when someone we love affair with someone else, not when someone we love suddenly hate us, it’s all rather sad because most people who our loved ones never have the feeling to us, be it love or hate. The saddest love story is when those we love do not consider our existence, do not want to talk with us, never listen to us, not willing to meet with us. We are considered as waste that is not its meaning.

“If you do not have dreams of people like us will die” is an excerpt from that sentence Arai conversation with curly, it is true if we do not have to live this dream will not have a purpose. It will not change a difficult situation, will not produce anything that can be proud of. So dreamed the dream god will embrace you. But what then people just dreaming? Sitting still expect the road to his dream of forming its own? If that is done, please hug your own virtual dream. We must try to continue to make it happen. Do not be pessimistic because pessimism is nothing more than arrogant attitude precedes fate. And if we try hard to find something, and at the end point of that effort the result is still zero, then in fact we have found that we seek in ourselves, that is the reality, as bitter reality which must be faced regardless of the outcome.
keep on dreaming because the gods must have heard what we want, God does know but he waited until the right time to make it happen.


Hidup Berawal Dari Mimpi – Bondan prakoso & fade 2 black

life begins with a dream, this sentence is true there was, all that exists today is a dream of the ancients, inventor of the airplane never dreamed that someday he could fly, everyone called him and said that he was insane, and ultimately creates a plane. Inventor of the telephone has a dream and could communicate with people with long distances, and created the phone.

from childhood we have been having wonderful dreams, so do we when you grow up, whether to be a doctor, cop, pilot or whatever we can dream of. Probably will be when we grew up. All the dreams we determine what our next step, where this step will be focused, and have a direction, so that we can reach a point that we are dreaming that dream.

dreaming is free, so the dream is as high, hang it high, so anything can happen. Imagine if the inventor of the telephone never dreamed of talking to people with long distances, maybe today we will not know the phone.

Life begins with a dream. Write down what you dream, do not record the memories alone, because you must FORGET. And do not expect what you dream will be obtained with ease, there will be many challenges and obstacles that will block, just how we Invincible, how strong we are to survive it all. Continued to move toward that point and do your best to keep things can happen. So stretch wings and fly high!.

and this is what you dream while still in high school, although in the last thread, you can finally realize one of your dreams.
let your dreams chase the others!


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