just do it (essay about finding forrester)

Finding Forrester

This film tells about a black boy named jamal who enjoy writing and meets a famous writer named William Forrester when jamal in order by his friends to get into the bedroom department they suspected, William Forrester is a writer who has long since disappeared, from meeting that, William Forrester teaches many things to jamal about writing.

many lessons can we take from this film, the first about writing, there are parts in this fim, where jamal told to write by William Forrester, the thing done first by jamal is thinking, and William Forrester rebuked him and said “it is the work of the author write instead of thinking “of those words we can conclude that something we think we can imagine if not included with the action will not produce anything, when we think that work just only the brain, but when we do something, the brain will also follow what we do. I remembered a words that say “Japanese people were a little talk a lot of work so they country advanced by leaps and bounds, the American people that a lot of talk and a lot of his work so powerful countries, while Indonesia has a lot of talk and little work then we do not advance its state- forward ” a leader just can give a promise never kept, just can plan something beautiful without any effort, just to blame or busy with their own interests. We should do something useful for families, regions, and our country, not just spreads the nonsense that is of no use. As Thomas Edison said “It is 99% of hard effort and talent is 1%” so when we want something do it with hard work, there is nothing in this world instants, so most do not think, if we keep thinking we will not get what we want.

the second, this film is looking at how Americans really appreciate the education and appreciation for people who excel in their fields, this is inversely proportional to our country Indonesia, great people in Indonesia mostly working abroad, working for another country , working for the betterment of the country. For instance Habibie, who worked for the German, why not in Indonesia?, The answer is, because he was in Indonesia is not appreciated, although certainly rewarded with a very low price, far below the government members who do not generate anything for this country. In Indonesia many people talking at a high salary, while those with a very great works devoted to other States. People who talk much more famous than the people who work hard, and the media also prefer people who talk much at those premises compare great work of genius. so appreciate is the people who work hard, because people are a little talk and a lot of work is far superior compared to those who talk much.

I conclude from this film that thinking without doing something there is no point, will only be a waste of time, then make use of your time as well as possible, do something that would make a change, for you and for others towards a better, and appreciate the who are will to try hard even though he failed, because when he falls then he has had a class to the next step.



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