i miss you my friend (saras dewi – lembayung bali)

difficult to forget this song, because so many memories with this song, the song is about memories of the past with people we love, about people we love leave us, and to remember the beauty old days. Supported by a beautiful saras dewi voice makes this song very relaxing to be enjoyed, his lyrics are also very touching, which makes us as if returning to the past. For my own song has a life of its own, when to listen, my mind has always drifted to an earlier time, the time when I was with my friends at PADANG, we always play this song when we were enjoying the beauty of life. This song we often sing when there is no teacher in class, again on the road would go to a beautiful place, or else make the task of the school, so this song brings many memories.

many memories of this song, its one of these, after school, the mind is too late, having just got upset by the homeroom teacher. we plan to go to the beach “pantai air manis” to refresh the mind, we first wait for the sunset provision to buy later, after that we left her when she reached there we went straight up the hill and find a comfortable place, after getting comfortable place we immediately take stock which we bought earlier and waited until sunset came, we were joking, telling stories, while play this song, which makes feel to be serene, as if the burden which we can be lost after school.

in this song are very touching lyrics like ” teman yang terhanyut arus waktu mekar mendewasa ” this song means that friends would never leave, they allow us to grow independent and mature, so that we can learn a lot, so we get what is not we got before. When we are away from someone, then we will feel how meaningful they are to us, giving rise to an increasingly strong bond, and when we meet again with them then the atmosphere will be touched, releases a sense of longing that had been stored.

and the friend is, someone who fills this void heart, liver when it feels lonely, this thought was heavy and it was not powerful body, then the friends always come to make us smile, make us the spirit, makes us forget the pain that there are hearts , friends are always embracing us and invites us to forget the pain of the world, cruel world against us. when we cry together, brave against exposure, the spirit of the friends that will never go out, always raise our confidence, made it all possible, make things seem easy and beautiful.

I want to taste her back to that time, the friends took his hand and brought his arms around here, so they feel what I feel, so they can remove these lonely hearts, and see what I see, so we could talk about many things , told me about something ridiculous, and hear what I hear, so we can take a lesson from a mistake, a very valuable experience, thank you my friend, you will continue to live in the heart of this, and will never be erased by time, remember ! when I come back I’ll meet you there, wait for me there.


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