spirit of steve jobs

Steve Jobs, the name of the very popular 2 weeks lately. Honestly, before the incident I do not know who it is steve jobs, what him job, and what he is doing so that the world is so flattering. 12 days ago, exactly on the 5th of October 2011, steve jobs become a hot topic everywhere, not because of what its done, but because it has left the world forever, that due to pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs is a great man behind the success of Apple in the technology world, he was an innovator for technological development in the present, the gadgets we use today is an outgrowth of the ideas of steve jobs, steve jobs is the CEO of the world’s great companies that is “APPLE “. Steve Jobs is behind the actor formed his IPOD, IPHONE, and IPAD which has changed the world.

after reading the stuff about who’s steve jobs from various sources, finally i know who is steve jobs, he was a true innovator, spirit, never give up and passion to what he’s taken has been to change the world, many things can I take from thought steve jobs, such as.
Like steve jobs speech at the graduation ceremony in front of stanford university graduates,
steve jobs said “If this was my last day, if I keep doing what I do today?” These words contain a lot of meaning for myself, I also principled that do something different every day of his, steve jobs words seemed to affirm that do different things do a renewal, innovation for oneself and others, do not do things that are not beneficial, that’s just spend time. We must know that we can not forever live in the world, and we also do not know that we will leave this world, as is often said people “should be better today than the day yesterday,” and in a case that taught in Islam “if today’s same as the day yesterday and you include people who are losers, if today is worse than the day yesterday and you include people who are wretched and if today is better than the day yesterday and you are a lucky person “so you do the best you can do, think of something new that can change the world, and be someone different from the others.
Steve Jobs is also a hard worker who never give up, she never issued from the company he founded his own, and he did not despair he founded a new company and its recent re-draw the issuing company steve jobs to work there anymore. This incident is a real examle for someone who never give up. No matter how often you fall, how deep you fall, stay strong, do not give up, try again until it works, and never stop, if you stop then it is likely you will not be what you want, keep trying because god saw how much enterprise we do, how determined we are to get what we dream it, because in Islam who earnestly’ll work, then do something with it sincerely, and also do something about it with love, because with something that love with love, because love something it will be lighter weight, something that is difficult it will be easy. All because of love.



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