about my self

Hy, my name is Adrian rahman, when in high school my friend call me kenek, but usually people call me rian, I was born in PADANG 18 years ago, I am the first and the last child of a small family. I’m in the padang city from birth until senior high school, and now I continue my education to Bandung in “universitas pendidikan indonesia”.  I was withdrawn person more precise not a lot of mumbo, I prefer to silence than to talk about the lies, I prefer to think of the indulgence of uncertainty. I don’t like people of a lot of mumbo, which only can speak without a truth or an act of sync with what he said.  I always wanted to stand out from the others, while the people choose the right I’ll try to pick the left, so I can feel the difference from the others. Like when join in to “universitas pendidikan indonesia, only about 5 people from my town who came in here, and while football is a very popular sport in the world, and all my friends I’d rather play his football freestyle, so I’m different than others, so I could what everyone else is not necessarily able. I really do not like to follow trends-trends that are hot on the market right now, because I think it’s just joined in person, because I love my style. Because its my style. I like the new atmosphere, I’d rather apart from the inside, because outside of the new more things that I had never met and learned, it was one reason for me to wander out of town, so I can feel something different, meet with new people, new culture, learn a strange language, feel the life that difficult time away from family, feeling lonely is a very quiet, I want to feel all alive because only one time and will never come back so I want to feel something new is not it-that’s all. I’m a little selfish, I want to do something about it myself, I want to determine their own choices, determine their own path, and often failure that I meet, I like myself, I like the road on a cold night alone, go on vacation alone, may because I’m an only one child who was used alone and forget about the people who are near me, I’m always busy with his own affairs and often forget about socializing with others, sometimes I realize how important it was to the social needs of our life, we always need other people, and we will not be able to live alone, because humans are social creatures. I am a dreamer, who enjoys imagining what has not necessarily happened and probably will not happen, but I always try to realize my dreams with hard work and never get bored to try again, again and again. I believe nothing is impossible in this world as long as we still have a dream, faith, and effort. I am enjoy people, no problem, I do not care what I feel I think its all flat, so I could always feel the peace and tranquility at any time. I also like the freedom of its people I do not like the leash, because of this my life, I was his driver, then I’ll decide where my life’s purpose is, and I know life is just once, then I will do my best, and try to nothing bad thing happened to my life, because I love myself.


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