essay about film and song

 FILM   “In To The Wild”

‘In to the wild’ is a picture of the young soul in search of identity. many questions that arise when we ask who we are, how are we, why are we. who we really are. how can we choose whether we will live as a useful creature. many young people do not have a mind far ahead as Chris in the movie into the wild. unfortunately many young people do not realize the benefits that have given parents. some of us choose to live for the spree spree, even until the fall of illegal drugs. but not a few young people who take advantage of a given stock of his parents as a crutch to live so they can succeed. is what can we learn from this film, ‘in to the wild’ film which is a visualization of the true story of a young wanderer who seek identity in the wild. as a young child we are free to choose. our parents provide us with the knowledge to think, to be responsible for the lives we live. parents do not regret chris chris decided to leave them. antecedent choices do chris is as a warning to us. way of life such as what should be and how to live it. Should we run away from reality and living alone without successfully making a good change all around us? or otherwise, we must be useful and make the change towards better. Hopefully we can wisdom and essential lessons from this film.

My opinion is a good film to watch especially in young children because it is associated at all with the life of young people today, many important lessons we can take in this film, live freely without any attention from parents can not necessarily bring us to be better and comfortable with independent living. and somehow their parents will surely give the best for their children, This film also always remind me of my parents, and I’m sure my parents always wish the best for me.hopefully with this film, we can get so very valuable lessons for our everyday lives.

 “Lenka  –  live like you’re dying”

lenka kripac better knows as, She singer from Australia. His first album named his or her behalf is lenka, he first became known through the song “the show” which is one of the ads sountrack. And he is also an actress who often appeared in various films.
his artistic blood flowing from the blood of his father is a jazz musician.

lenka in the album there are 12 songs, all his good songs great and good at hearing, and the first single is “the show” and her second single was “trouble is friend” but there is one song that is very interesting is “live like you’re dying”.

the song “Live like you’re dying ‘it tells about how we use what we have, confident in the capability we have, and never stop trying. This song motivates the people who are undecided or want to give up, or people who do not have hopes and dreams, they do not know that many things they have like their own time and ability, but they do not use it well. I was motivated by this song, many people out there who are less than me but they can optimize what they have so that they are successful, and in this song we also invite you to take advantage of every chance and opportunity, to do the best. This song inspires me, when I feel I’ll fall, when I feel there will be no longer hope to rise, in this song we understand that no think  impossible, its all we can get as long as we do not ever stop trying.


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